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The Tourbillon Souscription, is an evolution and improvement of Remy school watch. Smaller and thinner, the movement, the case and dial have been fundamentally reworked, while retaining the aesthetic characteristics so reminiscent of the school watch

The design of the Tourbillon Souscription are sober, elegant and singular. On the front, the tourbillon and dial bridges are symmetrical. The hand-engraved silver curved minutes dial and the imposing 15.5mm diameter tourbillon stand out from the movement, and offers a depth that allows immersion in the heart of the mechanics and design of the watch.

The whole watch is sublimated by a 7 mm high domed sapphire glass.


The back of the watch as also refined. The two sapphire glasses allow to see beveled wheels and the others parts of the movement. The two stainless steel crowns for winding and setting time have a position locking system for their use and for wearing on the wrist.


The sobriety of design which combines with the complexity of watchmaking mechanics


The watch combines traditional and contemporary finishes, such as black polishes, engravings and the polished beveled edges contrast with the matt aspect of the microblasted components.

Each visible or not visible components are hand finished with the same attention.


40 mm



19 mm

assemblage garde temps.PNG

15 mm

9 mm

- Manual winding mecanical movement

- 36 hours power reserve

- 18000 vph
- 15.5mm diameter 60 seconds tourbillon

- Modified swiss ancor escapement
- Specific Balance wheel
- Breguet hairspring formed by hand
- Movement numbered and hand engraved

Dials and hands

- Dials in silver and hand engraved
- Curved minutes dial

- Hands made by hand

Case and strap

- 40mm diameter stainless steel case

- 15mm higher 

- 7mm domed saphirre glass 

- Numbered case and engraved buckel
- Hand made alligator 19 mm strap
- A
vailable in   four colors : black,  burgundy, imperial green and deep blue


- Exclusive and numbered hand made woodbox in patinated walnut
- Interior fully sheathed in lambskin

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